Michael McNesby Act
Michael McNesby Act
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On June 28, 2018, the Delaware legislature passed the Michael McNesby Full Funding for Adults with I/DD Act. Pending Governor Carney's signature, the state will have promised to fully fund these vital programs. Even with the bill's passage and the commitment of $4.67 million in the 2019 state budget, there is still work to be done ensure I/DD funding is included in the state budget going forward.

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About the McNesby Act

The Michael McNesby Full Funding for Adults with I/DD Act will ensure that funding for services is brought up to levels recommended by the Department of Health and Social Services. 

While $4.67 million being allocated in the 2019 budget is helpful, funding still lags well behind recommended levels. This stresses the entire system and could put adults receiving services in danger. The lack of proper funding means that the Direct Support Professionals that deliver services are underpaid, which leads to employee turnover, which can diminish the quality of the care.


About Michael McNesby

Michael McNebsy was born in 1960 with Down syndrome. It was a time when society was unsure of what to do with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Michael’s parents chose inclusion for Michael, and he had a rich, happy life. He passed away on March 26th of this year, surrounded by loved ones. Hundreds of people attended his funeral.

Michael had the luxury of being born into a large family, and after his parents passed, his brothers and sisters were there to support him. Not everyone has this same safety net.

The Michael McNesby Full Funding for Adults with I/DD Act commits the state to fund support for these individuals—and will help adults with I/DD contribute to society and live a life as rewarding as Michael’s.